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Big release week next week!

Tuesday is the release of TWO stories in The Accidental Reaper Series. Yes, TWO!

You can read In Too Reap right now if you purchase from my direct buy store. Read it this weekend and then come back Tuesday to grab The Vampire’s Kiss! 

In Too Reap, (A Slow Burn Vampire Romance) The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 3

Chloe discovers that suppressing her necromancy abilities is causing havoc with the local earthbound ghosts. When Death tries to kill her, on top of her falling for master vampire Killion, her world goes grim robes over applecart. Is she in too deep, or can she bring the ghosts, Death, and Killion to heel? 

A humorous paranormal urban fantasy series with a slow burn vampire romance! For fans of Sookie Stackhouse, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

★★★★★ “…engaging, funny and adventurous, I loved it.” ~ Goodreads review

Misty’s Direct Buy Store:

The Vampire’s Kiss, The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series Exclusive Short Story 

Chloe and Killion finally give in to their desire for each other in this exclusive behind-closed-doors story. Find out what happens when Chloe willingly yields to the vampire’s kiss, and what this will mean for her and Killion—as well as Death—going forward.

Dear reader, please note: This story is for mature readers only and is intended for those 17+. It is ONLY available on Misty’s direct buy website 

I’m SO excited to bring you these two funny, sexy paranormal stories!

Have a fun, safe weekend with lots of great reading!

Misty 💜

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In Too Reap – Read it NOW!

IN TOO REAP, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 3, releases Tuesday, August 2nd, but you can read it NOW if you buy it in my store:

This story has ALL the feels, folks. I poured it all into this one. And don’t forget, the sexy love story continues with The Vampire’s Kiss (an exclusive here in my store as well!) 
All I wanted was a kiss…
Chasing grave robbers on New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly a dream come true. I’d much rather be at a swanky party kissing a certain—ahem—master vampire at the stroke of midnight. Since I’m on probation for violating more than a few grim codes of conduct, however, Death has me shivering with a bunch of corpses, instead. The dead call to me, wanting to be raised for a party of their own.
When I see a premonition about a friend’s unexpected demise, I discover it could be my fault—my necromancy abilities are trapping ghosts and causing all sorts of odd events, including giving me hallucinations.
It’s no hallucination, however, when my boss plants the Kiss of Death on me. Happy New Year! Can I save myself, my friends, and the trapped ghosts? Or am I in too reap?

★★★★★ “I absolutely love this series.” ~ Bookbub review

Preorder IN TOO REAP, available at ALL retailers and in PRINT


Misty’s Direct Buy Store:

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Once you’ve read In Too Reap, you’ll want to have The Vampire’s Kiss to read immediately! Pre-order here and be the first to get it! (Pssst: it’s on sale) 

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Excerpt of Reaper’s Keepers :)

One week from today, Reaper’s Keepers releases! Yay! I’m super excited and I love that so many have already preordered it at retailers and others have bought it from my store to read already!

For those waiting for it to release from retailers on July 1st, I wanted to give you a preview to wet your whistle. Chloe, Killion, Ghost, and Death are back, and you’re going to meet two new and important characters in this story: Andy and Aurora.

Happy Friday, TGIF, and all that. Here’s your sneak peek at Reaper’s Keepers! (And if you want to read it NOW, click here.)

Luckily, no one was out in the cold at this time of the morning, except for the garbage truck moving at a snail’s pace a block over. I wished I could toss this moron in it and be done with him.

Dante’s Grove boasted approximately twenty-thousand people. Some, like Andy, were a mix of mundane and magical, and others were full-on supes. The hardcore lived off the grid, yet moved in the shadows of our tiny city, nicknamed Hell’s Rejects, which was trying desperately to be the next top ten tourist destination in the state. Competing with New Orleans was laughable, but we had our fair share of actual magic users, along with those who wanted to profit off the idea of it.

Yet again, my phone rang, and having repositioned itself during the run, gave me a tiny thrill when it vibrated. To say I was hard-up in the relationship department was like saying Death was cute. “For grim’s sake,” I groused, as I drew it out and fired off a message to Killion.

Me: Busy!

Pocketing it once more, I made my way to Andy and held out the scythe. “Last chance to do this the easy way. Eat the food.”

“No,” he snarled. “I want to live!”

It wasn’t my call. “No free passes.” 

I raised the blade overhead and he waved his hands, shrinking back. “She healed me. It’s not my fault.”

“Your time’s up, and there’s nothing I can do to change that.”

My heart skipped a beat and my blood warmed unnaturally, causing me to pause. I knew what that meant, and it had nothing to do with the soul I was about to harvest.  There was a master vampire within range.

No, no, no. Not now!

I made to bring the blade down when a sleek black limo crawled up next to us at the curb. The warmth in my veins spread like maple syrup through my system, making me shiver with its intensity. It magnetized me to the Undead male inside.

The rear passenger window slid down and Killion’s violet eyes glinted under the streetlight, looking like purple heaven. Wavy locks of dark hair fell over his forehead. “Forget the shifter. Come.”

I flicked my gaze to Andy and kept the scythe raised. “One second.” I hated that it sounded like a plea. “I really have to—”

“Now.” The cold power of the command made my head pound and my arms lowered involuntarily. He had that effect on me, and I resented it. “I need you, Chloe,” he said. “This can’t wait.”


Misty’s Store:

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A FREE newsletter exclusive story

Hello dear reader,

Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews of Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series, book 1!

I’m thrilled that so many of you took the leap into this new series with me. As an author who juggles multiple series and genres, pausing those to start a new one is always a risk. Thank you for joining me as I venture into this new one, it’s brought me so much creative joy.

Don’t worry, there’s more romantic suspense coming your way. You can check out the progress I’m making on all the upcoming stories and series on my home page.

For fans of Chloe, Killion, Ghost, and Death, you’ll get access to the exclusive FREE story in my newsletter going out this weekend, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already!

What also helps launch a new series and keeps readers happy is more books. So not only can you get the free short story, but there’s more of the gang coming!  Reaper’s Keepers, The Accidental Reaper Series Book 2, releases July 1st at all retailers, but if you order from my store, you can download and read Reaper’s Keepers today!

Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on Killin’ It – you’ll get into the mind of Killion in this one and see what he really thinks about the new grim he has to mentor! If you’re already on my subscriber list, first of all thank you, and secondly, be sure to watch for the newsletter going out this weekend.

Happy reading!

Misty 💜

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New Undercover Covers!

I have shiny new pretties to share with you!

The Super Agent Series is one of my first and it has been through multiple incarnations. I sold the first book, Operation Sheba, to a publisher in 2008. Since then, I sold more to another publisher, then finally got my rights back to all five a couple years ago.

That gave me the opportunity to revamp, redesign, and rebrand. I also wrote two more stories and have several others outlined on my computer.

The series has grown with my writing. The covers have changed as the market has changed. Initially, they had couples on them for their first two incarnations.  Then I went to just men. Now, they have a more suspense feel with a woman-in-jeopardy look.

When I look back at the first Operation Sheba cover, I sigh. It looked nothing like I envisioned for it, and the one element the mockup had that I liked was a top-secret font, which was removed in the second or third version. Once of the things that makes a story come to life for me is seeing the characters – I’m a very visual person. With a publisher controlling it, however, an author gets what they get. 

Since getting my rights back, my son Sam (the graphic designer), has taken my vision for the series and created amazing covers. I loved the men-only covers, and I love these new women-only ones as well. I never grow tired of giving my books a facelift!

Want to see the new covers? Check them out!  

In the coming weeks, they’ll be updated at all the retailers and the interiors will get a redo. For now, join me in admiring my shiny new pretties!

Keep reading, my friends!

Misty 💚📚

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You asked, Death answered!

Interview with Death from the Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series

I always love to interview my characters before I start a new story. After all, I’m going to be working with them for months and I want to be sure I like them, lol.

I had a vague outline of Grim & Bare, Accidental Reaper Urban Fantasy Series, Book 1, in my head when I wrote the fated words, “Chapter 1,” but at the time, it was my “fun” manuscript to work on in the mornings while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee. The outline was very loose.

So you can imagine my surprise (and Chloe’s, the heroine of the series who accidentally becomes a Grim Reaper) when a sexy blond guy with too many muscles, a killer smile, and an Aussie accent appeared in her bedroom unexpectedly after she was attacked by a serial killer and had a near-death experience.

Yep, Death incarnate.

He has become a reader favorite already among my beta readers, and they’ve been asking for more of him. Never fear, he will be in all the books.

IF that is, I can keep him from taking over! He likes to be in charge and he always gets his way – he is Death, after all.

ME: When I started the Accidental Reaper series, I never expected you to show up as a character. I was researching myths and legends about reapers from a variety of cultures and time periods, since Chloe does the same in Grim & Bare It. The next thing I know, you popped into my head and demanded an audience. So here we are. Do you often budge in and take over?

Death <winking>: How can you write a series about a grim reaper without starring me in it?

ME: The floor is yours. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Death: I’m a unique entity — there are as many stories about me and the afterlife as there are everything else combined. Humans are afraid, yet fascinated, with death and what comes afterwards. I don’t understand why they fear me—I mean, look at me. <He grins, all sunshine and rainbows.> Who would be scared of me?

Riiiight. ME: You work for Soul Management Group, the afterlife’s organization who, like the name suggests, manages souls. How did you get the job as their ultimate soul collector?

Death <shrugs>: I was created to make sure the universal balance of souls being incarnated and dying stays intact. SMG sets up the soul contracts for each person who incarnates on Earth, and when that contract is up, I make sure the soul is harvested.

ME: Tell me about noncompliant souls, like those Chloe has to reap.

Death: Like I mentioned, everyone has a soul contract for their incarnation. When that contract expires, they go poof. If the spirit clings to this world and refuses to go peacefully, then I have to send in a Grim. A lot of the supernaturals try to cheat death. Vampires are the worst.

ME: They say your life flashes in front of your eyes before you die. Is that true?

Death: I’m immortal, so I don’t have firsthand experience, but I’ve heard for some it is. Most folks just see a bright light and poof.

ME: Poof? Could you be more specific?

Death: Their soul gets on the express train to the afterlife. They review their life on Earth and they end up back here if they need a do-over. Reincarnation gives them a second chance. Or third, or fourth…until they get it right.

ME: How is Chloe doing with her new job as a reaper?

Death <blows out his cheeks and sits back in his chair): She’s too smart for her own good. And she whines a lot. She’s always trying to save everyone. Drives me nuts. How am I supposed to maintain universal balance with her running around delaying people’s deaths?

ME: She has a good heart.

Death: One that will get her in trouble. Especially with that master vampire.

ME: Soul Management Group thinks he’s a good mentor for her.

Death: Nothing about Killion is “good.” He’s going to make her trust him, and then he’s going to break her heart. You can’t trust the Undead.

ME: I think you and Killion are both lucky to have Chloe. She’s going to keep you on your toes and make you value human life more.

Death <rolling his eyes>: I thought this interview was supposed to be about me.

ME: Why the Australian accent?

Death <winks again>: Spices things up. My groupies love it.

ME: Groupies, hmm. So, not everyone fears you.

Death <smiling wickedly>: I do have fans, and they adore me.

ME: Speaking of fans, several of my beta readers who love your character in Grim & Bare It have sent in questions. Would you be willing to answer those as well?

Death <puffing up his chest>: Anything for my adoring fans!

ME: Great! This first one is from Billie Jo. Is it essential for you to have a wicked sense of humor when dealing with your job and employees?

Death: Absolutely. Death is a macabre business, and I like to lighten things up. Have fun, you know?

ME: Next is from Cara. Do you have a favorite grim or is everyone the same to you?

Death: I can’t be showing favoritism, of course, but I do have one or two who make my job easier. That would not be Chloe Frost, however.

ME: Patricia has two questions: Are you jealous of Killion? And, who decides how long each contract is to run, and why?

Death: Me, jealous of a bloodsucker? Ha! I’m Death, and vampire or not, he’ll meet his end one day. I will personally be there to enjoy his demise, too. Smudgy [Soul Management Group/SMG] determines the length of the contracts, based on the person’s karma and the reason they’re sent to earth to begin with. I just enforce them.

ME: Finally, from Amy. What does a typical day look like for you? Do you harass people like Chloe all day?

Death: I wouldn’t have to if she would just stick to her job and not try to save everyone! My typical day involves checking on all my grims all over the world and making sure that contracts are fulfilled. Seems like there are always a few getting screwed up – like people who aren’t scheduled to die getting whacked and leaving behind shades, or those whose contract IS up, but somehow manage to avoid dying. That’s where the grims come in.

ME: It’s been a pleasure, Death. Thank you for joining me today. I hope we don’t meet in person again any time soon.

Death <winking again>: You know you love me. I’ll let you in on a little secret… <leaning forward and lowering his voice> You’ve got a lot of stories featuring me left to write. Keep turning them out and your contract won’t be up for a long time, yet.

ME: Sounds like a deal.

Death: Be careful. You know what deals with me entail.

ME <shivering>: Blood contracts, yes I’m quite aware. Again, thank you for the interview, and now I better get back to writing…


If you’d like to know more about Death, read Grim & Bare It today!

Direct Buy: 

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It’s Winner Friday!

Announcement of winners!
Happy Friday. Woohoo! It’s giveaway time!!
Congrats to the winners of the Grim & Bare It Early Bird Contest who purchased from my direct buy site:
Ingrid T.
Brooke S.
Jamie H.
Thank you for ordering through my direct buy site! I hope you’ve enjoyed the story and I’ll be sending out your gift prizes next week!
Misty 💜
When college student Chloe Frost accidentally kills a grim reaper, she must step into his robes, take up his scythe, and harvest souls, all while juggling two jobs, handling a moody vampire assigned to be her partner, and attempting to resuscitate her dead love life.

Amazon UK: 

★ Amazon AU:

Amazon CA:

★ Amazon PRINT:


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Release day + PARTY

Today is the release of Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 1. I’ve been working on this series (two more full length books release this summer, plus two EXCLUSIVE short stories, as well) since last year. 

These books are my <3

It was an interesting decision I had to make about going back to writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. When I started out, I wrote three different paranormal series, one of which (Witches Anonymous) might have never seen the light of day, thanks to my agent at that time who read the first story and said, “it’s cute, but it will never sell.” Little did she know!

My romantic suspense books  finally took off around 2013, and became my bread and butter. Since the first RS released in 2008 (Operation Sheba), the majority of my stories have been in that genre.

After the pandemic, I needed to switch gears and find renewed joy in my writing. The background for the Grim 1 cover landed in my lap last year and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, only that I needed to figure it out. 

I’ve followed my intuition, yet preorders have been dismal. Even with the extra stories coming out over the next few months, I’ve considered rearranging my schedule to devote more time to two RS projects I’ve had in the works because…ugh. The Doubt Demons are yelling at me, “what if this series crashes and burns? What if it doesn’t sell at all? What if you suck as a writer?”

I haven’t quit writing romantic suspense completely, but the stories I’ve started will take months to complete, even if I work on them every day. The #lifeofawriter – do I write what’s hot in the market, or do I write what I want to, even if it won’t sell as well?

My whole writing world right now is consumed with the characters in The Accidental Reaper Series. I love them. I want to spend every hour of my writing time with them. They’re funny and emotional and I never know what they’ll do next. I even have Death, with a capital D, and he drives me crazy! He’s as unpredictable as they come.

So…I’m going to stick with it and work on their stories until the characters tell me they’re done. 

I had a teacher once assign me the word “perseverance” for a speech. It’s been a guiding principle of mine ever since. BTW, he also once told me I was a trooper, than I didn’t quit when my heart was really in something. 

My heart is really in this.

So today, if you’re on Facebook and you want to join me in celebrating the release of my 78th book, come join my private reader group and celebrate with me and 14 other authors. 

We’re giving away prizes and having fun. There’s no pressure to stay in the group after the party. I just want to share my love of this series with you.

Through the years, many of you have supported my dream to be a published author. I still remember my first book signing and those of you who attended. I remember the fellow writers I met in online and in-person writing groups. My mentors, my critique partners, my cheerleaders. My husband and kids, who never lost faith in me, even when I lost faith in myself. 

I never imagined I would be here, where I am right now. That I would be a USA Today bestselling author, or living my dream. I can’t thank ALL of you enough. It takes a village, as they say, and I believe my books have a piece of all of you in them.

Being an author is the best job ever!

Misty 💜

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What’s a girl to do?

It’s Teaser Tuesday! Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 1.

**Remember – you can read it TODAY if you buy here:



Excerpt ©2022 Misty Evans

I felt no pain; my floating spirit seemed opaque. My hands and fingers appeared a filmy white in front of my face as I examined them. Freaking out, I patted my torso, my hands feeling no resistance and disappearing into the diaphanous matter.

A string tightened around my chest, tugging me up and away. “No, no, no.” My voice was nothing but an echo in my ears. “This can’t be happening.”

I fought the magnetic draw and attempted to force my spirit back into its physical container lying motionless on the ground.

“No, wait,” I heard a voice say, and I turned to see another spirit floating up above the buildings. My attacker, without his costume. “I can’t die!” he screamed, nothing more than a grayish phantom. “It’s not my time. My contract isn’t—”

Poof, he winked out like a dead firework.

“It’s not your time, either, Chloe bear.”

I whirled, searching for the owner of the voice. My heart thudded hard in my chest. “Mom?”

“You may be tempted to cross over,” she continued, “but you have work to do here. Fight, sweetie. For me.”

From the end of the alley, quickly moving footsteps sounded on the damp pavement. I said her name again, still searching for her, but she didn’t answer.

The footsteps had grown silent. I pivoted, my astral body nearly somersaulting at the lack of gravity and the sudden motion. “Darcy?”

The form that emerged wasn’t my beer-drinking friend. A new sensation entered my chest as the man from Boozy’s glanced at me hovering above my body. His gaze dropped to the lifeless form, and he cursed under his breath and wiped his eyes. “Doamne.” I had no idea what that meant, but it had the same accent as the voice I’d heard inside my head earlier. “We have quite the situation, don’t we?”

“Wait.” I tried to propel myself toward him and ended up facing the wall. I put up my hands to push off it, but they went through the bricks. I looked over my shoulder. “You can see me?”

He didn’t answer, examining my attacker’s beheaded corpse.

“It was you, wasn’t it? I heard you tell me Darcy’s name.”

He sized up the alley and the man. With a slight look of disbelief, he shook his head. Or maybe it was distaste. “You are fearless, I’ll give you that. Foolish, but brave.”

“Foolish? I just saved my friend.”

“And caused your own demise,” he countered.

“Wait… I’m…” I struggled to say the word, even though I knew it was true. “Dead?”

His eyes seemed violet again as the silvery light caught in them. “Close enough.”

The blade on the ground tremored and I blinked. He hadn’t touched it. “Who are you? Are you a doctor?” Please be a doctor.

“No, but I will save you.” As I watched in horror, he pulled back his lips and bit his own wrist. Blood welled.

“Gross!” My uncooperative form floated a few feet away, but at least I was facing him again. Might have been better if I hadn’t—he dripped the red substance onto my lips, forcing my slack mouth open. “Dude, not cool!”

“This will sustain you.”

What kind of freak was he?

No good deed goes unpunished, I told myself. This is what I got for helping Vera.

Sirens echoed in the night, drawing close. Where had they been all this time?

“We must hurry.” He placed his other hand over my damaged larynx, and all of a sudden, I felt stronger in my ghostly form. The tugging in my chest lessened.

He closed his eyes, blood continuing to drip into my mouth from his open wound. A faint glow enveloped my throat. Enveloped him.

I wasn’t sure I could freak out more, but that’s where I was headed—the top of the scale, whatever that was. “Stop,” I demanded, attempting to push him away. My hand went through his shoulder. “The police are coming. They’ll give me CPR and call an ambulance.”

“They cannot resurrect you. Now, be quiet. I need to concentrate.”

All my pushing and shoving did no good. “Look, I don’t know who you are or what kind of aberrant stuff you’re into…”

“Aberrant?” The corner of his mouth twitched. Oh, he was amused, was he? He removed his hand and I watched as his cut wrist stopped bleeding instantaneously and appeared to seal itself. “Get in your body.”

I blinked a couple times and shook my head, trying to clear the image of his skin healing. “I really wish I hadn’t taken those supplements.” This had to be a drug-induced trip. Had. To. Be. “I’ve already tried that,” I told him. “It didn’t work.”

“You’re stronger now.” He stood and pointed at my prone form. “Do it.”

I don’t like being ordered around, but I was desperate. No way was I dying tonight. Whatever trip this was, I was in control.

At least, that’s what I told myself.

I concentrated, and my spirit moved closer. My brain gave up a ‘hallelujah,’ and I focused harder. Staring down at my broken shell, I willed myself to merge with it. “Come on,” I muttered.

Nothing happened.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried again.

“You have to want it,” the man said.

“I do!” Nothing happened. I peeked open an eyelid. For days, weeks, after my parents died, I couldn’t get out of bed. I’d wanted to join them. Now, I fought against it with all my might. “I want to live!” I shouted.

A new sensation latched onto me, seemingly attached to my spirit like a cord. I could see it, silvery and shiny, running from my physical chest to my ghostly one. “I think it’s working.”

The siren was nearly on top of us. “Hurry.”

I squeezed my eyes shut again and imagined reeling my spirit into my body using the cord. The floaty sensation wore off. Opening my eyes, I saw I was moving toward my lifeless self. A wave of relief rippled through me. “It’s working!” At the same time, the dead man shuddered, as if he, too, were coming back to life. “What’s happening?”

As we both watched, he thankfully didn’t resurrect. Instead, his corpse made a slight popping sound and turned to what resembled sawdust. I stared, clinging to my physical form and hoping I didn’t do the same. With a second, distinct pop, his head followed.

“Holy moly.” The cord tugged harder, undeniable now. My spirit twitched and cramped, and I wondered what new hell this was. A second later, I snapped, rather than popped, back into my container.

Gazing upward, I saw clouds skitter across the slice of sky overhead. My attacker’s cloak rose, as though draped on a ghost, and hovered near me. The weapon slid onto my chest, the handle slipping into my grip.

“This is unprecedented,” the violet-eyed man said in a hushed tone.

The handle was hot and trembled in my fingers. “What is?”

The cloak fell on me, blotting out my view. A searing white light followed, and I felt my spirit and body reconnect totally and completely. My stomach flipped and my lungs screamed for air. I gasped for oxygen, the sweet sensation of the life-giving element flowing down my damaged throat.

I’m alive! The rush was heady, a tickling sensation flooding my limbs. Even though the disgusting black robes covered me, I welcomed their stink of death.

I was about to yank the fabric off and sit up when the light whited out my vision. Before I could draw another breath, I was pitched from it into absolute darkness.

Direct Buy (Read now!):

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★★★★★ “Absolutely fantastic. I could not put this down. This book had a great flow and moved fast. And the characters were fantastic. What an awesome start to a series and I am so looking forward to more. A MUST READ!” ~ Bitch Can Write A Book review

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Happy LUCKY Friday the 13th!

Hello dear reader,

Grim and Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series book 1 is starting to make its way out into the the world to beta and ARC readers. Launching a new series is a lot of fun but also nerve wracking. You never know how it will be received but the feedback has been WONDERFUL (whew, I’m feeling very lucky today) and the pendulum has swung back to excited. Kk, still a little nervous. The mind of a writer, lol.

★★★★★ “OMG I loved this book! The whole book flowed so well. I adored ALL of the characters. Chloe and Killion’s chemistry is absolutely wonderful.”
~ Reader review

Grim and Bare It, comes out June 1st but you can buy it direct and read it immediately. All purchases made on my direct buy site this month will be entered into a GIVEAWAY!!! 

There will be multiple winners, I’ll draw the names on June 3rd. Some of the prizes available are a totebag, mugs, a print copy of Grim & Bare It, a notebook, 3 $10 Amazon cards and other swag.

★★★★★ “…engaging, funny and adventurous, I loved it.”
~ Goodreads review

I’ll be hosting a launch party for Grim and Bare It on June 1st on my Facebook page. A multi-author event, there will be lots of giveaways and even more fun so hopefully we’ll see you there!

I also just finished a short story featuring the two main characters, Chloe and Killion, that will only be available as an exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. Have you signed up?  

I hope this is your LUCKY DAY and you have a wonderful weekend!


Reviewers wanted! If you have a book review blog, Instagram, or Tik Tok following who love vampire romance and urban fantasy/paranormal reads, email and I’ll send you an Advanced Review Copy!