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Did you meet your reading goals this month?

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February is nearly over. I met my reading goals this month. Did you?

I pulled out a book to look something up last night, and a bookmark of fall leaves that I colored years ago fell out. Do you use bookmarks?

Did you know they have a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations?

In ancient Egypt, scribes used strips of papyrus to mark important passages.

Later, during the Middle Ages, ornate bookmarks adorned with ribbons and tassels became popular among European nobility.

One of the most unusual bookmark facts stems from the 16th century: people used to place dried flowers and leaves between pages as bookmarks, adding a fragrant touch to their reading experience.

Today, they come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and materials, from traditional paper designs to magnetic clips and even digital bookmarks in e-readers.

I make bookmarks for readers!

I’ve used some oddball items as bookmarks through the years, including napkins, pencils, sticky notes, and paperclips. Anything in reach is fair game! I’ve also created some for readers in my Nyx Halliwell subscription community. Those in the paid tiers can request a free one!

How about you? Do you use bookmarks? Have you used anything weird to mark your place? Comment to share your story!


P.S. Grim Vows, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 6 will be up for preorder next month!

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