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Books in the SEALs of Shadow Force Series:

Fatal Truth – Trace and Savanna

Fatal Honor – Miles and Charlotte

Fatal Courage – Jax and Ruby

Fatal Love – Cal and Beatrice; Connor and Sabrina

Fatal Vision – Colton and Shelby; Connor and Sabrina 

Fatal Thrill – Jon and Jaya

Risk – Noah and Jena

Books in the SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division Series:

Man Hunt – Ryker & Mia

Man Killer – Mick & Cassandra

Man Down – Aidan & Bree

Covert Affairs – Ian & Vivi

Covert Tactics – Rory & Amelia

Covert Obsession – Moe & Parker

Books in the SCVC Taskforce series:

Deadly Pursuit – Cooper and Celina

Deadly Deception – Thomas and Ronni

Deadly Force – Cal and Bianca (aka Beatrice in SEALs of Shadow Force)

Deadly Intent – Nelson and Sophia

Deadly Affair – Cooper and Celina novella

Deadly Attraction – Mitch and Emma

Deadly Secrets – Roman and Brooke

Deadly Holiday – Cooper and Celina novella 

Deadly Target – Victor and Olivia

Deadly Rescue – Cooper and Celina novella

Deadly Bounty – Joe and Samantha

Deadly Betrayal – Caleb and Josie

Deadly Threat – Malachi and Mia 

Books in the Super Agent Series:

Operation Sheba – Con and Julia

Operation Paris – Lawson and Zara

Operation Proof of Life – Michael and Brigit

Operation Lost Princess – Ryan and Anya

Operation Ambush – Jon and Lucie

Operation Christmas Contraband – Conrad and Julia

Operation Sleeping With the Enemy – Josh and Naomi

Books in the Justice Team Series:

Stealing Justice – Grey and Sydney

Cheating Justice – Mitch and Caroline

Holiday Justice – Grey, Mitch, Sydney and Caroline

Exposing Justice – Brice and Hope

Undercover Justice – Mitch and Caroline

Protecting Justice – Tony and Fallyn

Missing Justice – Matt (Mad Dog) and Taylor

Defending Justice – Beck and Jackie

Books in the Schock Sisters Mysteries

1st Shock

2nd Strike

3rd Tango

Books in the Secret Series:

The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Life of Cranberry Sauce

Books in the Kali Sweet Series:

Revenge Is Sweet

Sweet Chaos

Sweet Soldier

Sweet Curse

Books in the Moon Water Series:

Soul Survivor

Soul Protector

Books in The Accidental Reaper Series:

Grim & Bare It

Killin’ It (short story for newsletter subscribers)

Reaper’s Keepers

In Too Reap

The Vampire’s Kiss

Grave Girl

Grave Magic

Stories in the Witches Anonymous Series:

Witches Anonymous

Jingle Hells

Wicked Souls

Dark Moon Lilith

Dancing With the Devil

Dirty Deeds

Devil’s Due

Wicked Wedding