The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series

The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series

When college student Chloe Frost accidentally kills a grim reaper, she must step into his robes, take up his scythe, and harvest souls, all while juggling two jobs, handling a moody vampire assigned to be her partner, and attempting to resuscitate her dead love life.

A humorous paranormal urban fantasy series starring a grim reaper and a vampire!

★★★★★ “OMG I loved this book! The whole book flowed so well. I adored ALL of the characters. Chloe and Killion’s chemistry is absolutely wonderful.” ~ Reader review

★★★★★ “Sexy vampire for the win!” ~ Reader review

A reaper who can raise the dead? Being a grim is never easy, but when Chloe helps Killion investigate a sinister plot involving ancient black magic, she discovers she’s not who she thought she was…and she can now raise the dead.

★★★★★ “…engaging, funny and adventurous, I loved it.” ~ Goodreads review

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Chasing grave robbers, Chloe discovers that suppressing her necromancy abilities is causing havoc with the local earthbound ghosts. When Death tries to kill her, on top of her falling for master vampire Killion, her world goes topsy-turvy. Is she in too deep, or can she bring the ghosts, Death, and Killion to heel?

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