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What do you love about fall?

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Happy Monday! The leaves are turning where live near the Blue Ridge Mountains and we enjoyed a drive on Saturday for my hubby’s bday to view them on the mountainside. In another week or so, they’ll really be colorful.

What do you love about fall the most? I’ve created a thread on my Substack, so click this link and let me know! https://mistyevansauthor.substack.com/p/what-i-love-about-fall-is/comments

Writing updates:

Covert Obsession, SEALs of Shadow Force Spy Division – I’ve done the first round of internal edits and the cover is almost ready. Phew! What a story. Moe and Parker took me deep into what’s it like to be rejected and doubt your self-worth. Sign up for my newsletter or the Charmed tier to be the first to see the cover and get the preorder links! Release date at retailers is January 16th. (Paid tiers on Ream and Substack will get it in December!)

GrimVerse – I’ve started Grim Vows, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 6, with the tentative release date at retailers of March 19th. If you’re a paid subscriber, you’ll get it free a month early 🙂

Paid Tiers on Ream and Substack – GrimVerse episodes in Killion’s point of view continue to post for free once a month, along with Fatal Fridays, Super Agent Saturdays, and Sweet Sundays every week.

Followers on Ream – Wicked Wednesdays this month gives you 2 FREE episodes of Witches Anonymous every week until you have the entire story. Happy Halloween!

I’m also currently writing a multitude of other bonuses for next year. These include a new Nyx paranormal cozy mystery series, new episodes in the Kali Sweet Series, and several exclusive projects that will be for my Ream and Substack paid subscribers.

No matter how you read my stories, thank you for supporting me and my writing! I’m super excited about ALL of these projects, and I hope you are too.

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