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What place is on your bucket list?

In Operation: Sleeping With the Enemy, there are a couple cameos with Conrad and Julia, the couple I started the Super Agent series with.
Writing Conrad’s character is ‘like butta’ for me. I can channel him SO easily, he would take over every book! I love his snark, his innate power, and his perspective. He sees the world with different eyes than most, and he is absolutely loyal to a fault when it comes to Julia.
(In real life, Michael Stone is more my kind of guy, but in the book boyfriend world? I’m a total Conrad girl.)
Julia is the quintessential smart, sexy woman who knows how to handle Con. I had to make her tough as nails and powerful, too, to keep him on his toes. When I was shopping the manuscript around to agents, one told me she was too assertive, another too much like wall paper. Haha. I think she’s just right 😉
In Operation Sheba, their story mentions their time in Paris as new spies, and in the Sleeping cameo, they talk about visiting again. I studied French in high school and college and always had Paris on my bucket list. I still hope to visit there some day, and I’m brushing up on the language, because even though I was fluent after being taught by a strict nun, I’ve lost almost all of that learning.
What place is on your bucket list? 
Have you read Operation: Sleeping With the Enemy?
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What’s your undercover name?

Tell me, readers, if you could be the heroine in one of my Super Agent books, what would your code name be?
(Use this handy tool to come up with one or make up your own…/ )
According the test, my international spy name is Solitaire Goldfinger (very James Bond, right?), my code name is The Pirate. I live in St. Petersburg and I’m a good spy because I’m a good lover. 🤣🤣🤣
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