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What is your favorite type of paranormal character?

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It’s almost my birthday, and I’m treating myself to a week of seeing the beauty all around me. I often take it for granted, so while this may seem like a simple or small thing to many, it’s a big deal to me.

For instance, today, instead of getting annoyed at the grackles chasing off my wrens, sparrows, and finches, I focused on the fact my favorite Carolina Wren was protesting the lack of peanuts in the feeder. She’s a feisty one and has earned the nickname Peanut Princess. She’s the cutest little thing, sassing me through the window of the window feeder and vocalizing quite loudly about my obvious failings to keep her supply stocked. While hubby and I wait for the arrival of safflower seed (grackles don’t like it) and a new cage feeder, she will have to settle for sunflower seeds. And the chewing out I’ve received is worth it since she makes me smile every time she pays a visit…which today has been twice as much as previously.

I also took photos of my white lilies, which are blooming today after a storm this morning with high winds. They withstood the blasting, and two popped open. They are HUGE and definitely brightened my day!

photo of white lily
My first lily of the season

In writing matters, I’ve sent off Grim Vows, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 6, to my editor (it releases in July), and I’m working on Sweet Shadows, Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, Book 5 (the first episodes begin releasing on Ream in October!). Both of these series feature a badass female main character that I have so much fun writing.

Or maybe, I should say, I show up to the keyboard and watch the story unfold. Cue the bucket of popcorn and glass of wine ala Scandal-style. Today, I had no idea that a Fate would make an appearance in the Kali story and that she would demand her own spinoff series. Hoowee, it’s gonna be funnnnn….

***Don’t know what a Fate is? Here’s a brief explanation: https://www.worldhistory.org/Fates/

What is your favorite type of paranormal character? Comment below to let me know! Maybe they’ll show up in a current or future series!

Misty 💜

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