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Sweet Curse, Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy Series, Now Available On Ream + teaser

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Happy June! Summer is for reading and crafting at my house. I love the longer days and the relaxed vibes.

I’ve added the next Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy story to the Ghosted and higher tiers in my unlimited subscription community on REAM. The story is complete, and you don’t have to wait to binge it. You can start it here: https://reamstories.com/page/lit34laox5/story/lx9by02iar

Sweet Curse cover
Sweet Curse, Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy Series, Book 4

This fall, I’ll be releasing unedited episodes of Sweet Shadows, Kali Sweet, Book 5, on REAM before it’s released to the general public. Read the entire series now so you’re ready! All four of the previous stories are available in my Ghosted tier. Ghosted includes most of my backlist, in fact, so even if you only sign up for one month, you’ll have dozens of books to read!

I’ve included a teaser of Sweet Curse below. Enjoy!

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Sweet Curse

©2024 Misty Evans


Every blessing hides a curse.

I’m a demon, but I love humans. They’re so…imperfect, creative, and…well, mortal.

Being what I am doesn’t mean I’m perfect, obviously, only perfectly wicked. Because I’m one of the original vices Jesus cast out of Mary Magdalene back in biblical times, I’m cursed with virtue running through my blood as well. I’m constantly at war with my evil side, and now my horrible flaw of loving humans has landed me a new job—one I don’t particularly like nor want.

After my boss, Damon, was slain, I was forced to take over his job as head of the Bridge Institute, an organization that keeps supernaturals in line with the human population. We “bridge” the gap between the two species—insert an eye roll here, but look, I didn’t come up with the name—and I’d gladly give up the promotion to have Damon back.

Protecting humans is what I do. With supernaturals, I take revenge. Being a vengeance demon has its perks, but as I said, every blessing hides a curse. I can’t exact vengeance for myself, even when I’ve been wronged by, say, a certain half-Chaos demon, half-human male.

Rad, the demon-human hybrid in question, walked beside me as I headed down an alley seeking a rundown tenant building on Chicago’s South Side. It was nearing sunrise, the time most supernaturals were tucking themselves into bed, and I was on a mission for Lucifer hunting one of his fallen angels. Rad thought I needed help; I let him tag along for the eye candy even though he broke my evil heart several centuries ago, and I still wasn’t sure I could completely forgive him. One of the downfalls of my demon side – I don’t forgive and forget.

The former rock star has always been gorgeous, even back in the day in Rome when I first saw him in Queen Maria’s court. Dark hair, full mouth, golden eyes…he mesmerizes me as much now as he did then. My weakness for his body is only compounded by what the sound of his voice does to my insides. Deep as the night is dark, fluid as the blood running in my veins, that voice propelled him to fame and fortune in the human world. Fame and fortune he’d recently given up to take over my job as the Bridge Institute’s enforcer.

Training seven days a week and working at night, he’s filled out his tall frame to maximum capacity. The muscles in his shoulders and back have formed many curves and indentions I enjoy running my fingers over. His stomach is a washboard, his chest firm and solid. His thighs are hard as steel beams…all the better for our adventures in and out of the bedroom…

*** Keep reading: https://reamstories.com/page/lit34laox5/story/lx9by02iar

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