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Release day + PARTY

Today is the release of Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 1. I’ve been working on this series (two more full length books release this summer, plus two EXCLUSIVE short stories, as well) since last year. 

These books are my <3

It was an interesting decision I had to make about going back to writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. When I started out, I wrote three different paranormal series, one of which (Witches Anonymous) might have never seen the light of day, thanks to my agent at that time who read the first story and said, “it’s cute, but it will never sell.” Little did she know!

My romantic suspense books  finally took off around 2013, and became my bread and butter. Since the first RS released in 2008 (Operation Sheba), the majority of my stories have been in that genre.

After the pandemic, I needed to switch gears and find renewed joy in my writing. The background for the Grim 1 cover landed in my lap last year and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, only that I needed to figure it out. 

I’ve followed my intuition, yet preorders have been dismal. Even with the extra stories coming out over the next few months, I’ve considered rearranging my schedule to devote more time to two RS projects I’ve had in the works because…ugh. The Doubt Demons are yelling at me, “what if this series crashes and burns? What if it doesn’t sell at all? What if you suck as a writer?”

I haven’t quit writing romantic suspense completely, but the stories I’ve started will take months to complete, even if I work on them every day. The #lifeofawriter – do I write what’s hot in the market, or do I write what I want to, even if it won’t sell as well?

My whole writing world right now is consumed with the characters in The Accidental Reaper Series. I love them. I want to spend every hour of my writing time with them. They’re funny and emotional and I never know what they’ll do next. I even have Death, with a capital D, and he drives me crazy! He’s as unpredictable as they come.

So…I’m going to stick with it and work on their stories until the characters tell me they’re done. 

I had a teacher once assign me the word “perseverance” for a speech. It’s been a guiding principle of mine ever since. BTW, he also once told me I was a trooper, than I didn’t quit when my heart was really in something. 

My heart is really in this.

So today, if you’re on Facebook and you want to join me in celebrating the release of my 78th book, come join my private reader group and celebrate with me and 14 other authors. 

We’re giving away prizes and having fun. There’s no pressure to stay in the group after the party. I just want to share my love of this series with you.

Through the years, many of you have supported my dream to be a published author. I still remember my first book signing and those of you who attended. I remember the fellow writers I met in online and in-person writing groups. My mentors, my critique partners, my cheerleaders. My husband and kids, who never lost faith in me, even when I lost faith in myself. 

I never imagined I would be here, where I am right now. That I would be a USA Today bestselling author, or living my dream. I can’t thank ALL of you enough. It takes a village, as they say, and I believe my books have a piece of all of you in them.

Being an author is the best job ever!

Misty 💜

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Your weekend read…with Kali and Rad from Revenge Is Sweet

Today, Kali Sweet interrogates…er, interviews…her half-demon lover, Radison Beaumont.

Kali: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview, Rad.

Rad: (eyeing Kali’s whip):  Like you gave me a choice.

Kali (smiling): So, you’re a Chaos demon. If you could have any power other than the powers you currently possess, what would it be?

Rad: The ability to read your mind like Damon does. I don’t like that he has that power over you.

Kali (ignoring the hard look in Rad’s eyes): How difficult is it to be half human/half Chaos demon? Which one wins out most of the time?

Rad: My two sides are always at war, but I’ve learned to control them. The chaos side comes out if someone I love is in trouble or I’m threatened. The more vulnerable human side comes out when I am with that certain person I love. Sometimes they both come out when we, uh, you know… (winks)

Kali (narrows eyes at him): Moving on. What do you want to dress up as for Halloween?

Rad: Well, Radison Beaumont, rock star, of course.

Kali: Che cavalo, you are so full of yourself.

Rad (grinning): You love me anyway.

Kali:  What is your favorite thing to do on Halloween? 

Rad:  Perform in front of my fans. Halloween rock concerts are the best. Fans dress up, real-life supernaturals come out to play, and the band and I bring down the house with our own version of Thriller.

Kali: Favorite Halloween treat?

Rad: You.

Kali (flicking whip): Be serious.

Rad: I am.

Kali: Besides me.

Rad: Hmm…it’s a tossup between Snickers and M&Ms.

Kali: What would people be surprised to know about you?

Rad:  I love to cook.

Kali: Your shrimp fra diavolo is the best I’ve ever had. Why are you so good in the kitchen?

Rad (wiggles fingers): It’s all in the touch. Like playing a guitar or seducing a woman.

Kali:  Riiight…so what do you like to do when you’re not playing music or chasing down crazy supernaturals with me?

Rad:  Watch sports. Drive fast cars. You know, the usual. I am half human and a guy, after all.

Kali: If you had to pick a fight with another supernatural what kind would he be?  Vampire? Werewolf? Ghost?

Rad: There’s a certain vampire king and an archdemon I’m dying to go a couple rounds with.

Kali (mimicking Rad and wiggling her fingers): Better not hurt your money makers.

Rad: It’d be worth it to get you away from both of them.

Kali: Not gonna happen, and if it does, it’ll be because I kicked their asses, not you.

Rad: We’ll see about that…

Kali: Isn’t it inconvenient to be in love with a demon (points to herself) when you’re a demon hunter?

Rad: Inconvenient? More like a living hell, especially since you’re the number one demon on my hit list. But what’s life without some gritty conflict? (He shrugs.) I make it work.

Kali: Yes, you do. Quite well, in fact, but we really need to do something about that. I can’t keep consorting with a demon hunter.

Rad’s phone rings. He looks at the readout and stands, kisses Kali’s forehead: I’ll take care of the problem in book three. Promise. Right now, I gotta run.

Kali (fingering whip): Satan’s balls, tell me that’s not Parker.

Rad: Parker’s not in my life anymore and you know it.

Kali: Uh-huh. Just watch yourself, Chaos demon.

Rad (grinning): You’re sexy when you’re jealous.

Kali (snaps whip at him): Go. I’ll catch up with you later.

Rad: You better or I’ll hunt you down.

Kali (waving him off and secretly smiling as she watches him saunter away): Promises, promises…

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★★★★★ “…hot, hot, hot!” ~ Reader review

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