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Your weekend read…with Kali and Rad from Revenge Is Sweet

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Today, Kali Sweet interrogates…er, interviews…her half-demon lover, Radison Beaumont.

Kali: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview, Rad.

Rad: (eyeing Kali’s whip):  Like you gave me a choice.

Kali (smiling): So, you’re a Chaos demon. If you could have any power other than the powers you currently possess, what would it be?

Rad: The ability to read your mind like Damon does. I don’t like that he has that power over you.

Kali (ignoring the hard look in Rad’s eyes): How difficult is it to be half human/half Chaos demon? Which one wins out most of the time?

Rad: My two sides are always at war, but I’ve learned to control them. The chaos side comes out if someone I love is in trouble or I’m threatened. The more vulnerable human side comes out when I am with that certain person I love. Sometimes they both come out when we, uh, you know… (winks)

Kali (narrows eyes at him): Moving on. What do you want to dress up as for Halloween?

Rad: Well, Radison Beaumont, rock star, of course.

Kali: Che cavalo, you are so full of yourself.

Rad (grinning): You love me anyway.

Kali:  What is your favorite thing to do on Halloween? 

Rad:  Perform in front of my fans. Halloween rock concerts are the best. Fans dress up, real-life supernaturals come out to play, and the band and I bring down the house with our own version of Thriller.

Kali: Favorite Halloween treat?

Rad: You.

Kali (flicking whip): Be serious.

Rad: I am.

Kali: Besides me.

Rad: Hmm…it’s a tossup between Snickers and M&Ms.

Kali: What would people be surprised to know about you?

Rad:  I love to cook.

Kali: Your shrimp fra diavolo is the best I’ve ever had. Why are you so good in the kitchen?

Rad (wiggles fingers): It’s all in the touch. Like playing a guitar or seducing a woman.

Kali:  Riiight…so what do you like to do when you’re not playing music or chasing down crazy supernaturals with me?

Rad:  Watch sports. Drive fast cars. You know, the usual. I am half human and a guy, after all.

Kali: If you had to pick a fight with another supernatural what kind would he be?  Vampire? Werewolf? Ghost?

Rad: There’s a certain vampire king and an archdemon I’m dying to go a couple rounds with.

Kali (mimicking Rad and wiggling her fingers): Better not hurt your money makers.

Rad: It’d be worth it to get you away from both of them.

Kali: Not gonna happen, and if it does, it’ll be because I kicked their asses, not you.

Rad: We’ll see about that…

Kali: Isn’t it inconvenient to be in love with a demon (points to herself) when you’re a demon hunter?

Rad: Inconvenient? More like a living hell, especially since you’re the number one demon on my hit list. But what’s life without some gritty conflict? (He shrugs.) I make it work.

Kali: Yes, you do. Quite well, in fact, but we really need to do something about that. I can’t keep consorting with a demon hunter.

Rad’s phone rings. He looks at the readout and stands, kisses Kali’s forehead: I’ll take care of the problem in book three. Promise. Right now, I gotta run.

Kali (fingering whip): Satan’s balls, tell me that’s not Parker.

Rad: Parker’s not in my life anymore and you know it.

Kali: Uh-huh. Just watch yourself, Chaos demon.

Rad (grinning): You’re sexy when you’re jealous.

Kali (snaps whip at him): Go. I’ll catch up with you later.

Rad: You better or I’ll hunt you down.

Kali (waving him off and secretly smiling as she watches him saunter away): Promises, promises…

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