Preorder Covert Tactics!

I love when I can finally put a book up for preorder! It makes all the hard work of writing the draft (and the pulling out of hair) worth it.

Covert Tactics, A Thrilling Military Romance, SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division, Book 5 releases May 23 and is available for preorder in my store here:

It’s also available for preorder at these retailers (more coming soon):







For those who regularly order direct through my store – THANK YOU for supporting my small business.

Readers are the key to my success – not a traditional publishing deal (had four), an agent (had two), or a publicity team (yep, you guessed it, had several of those as well.) 

Those of you who read my books and love my characters and worlds, and who then tell others, are the best of friends. I adore you and will keep writing if you keep reading!

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Support me directly (no retailer taking their cut), grab special edition box sets, and get new releases before they are out at retailers by visiting my store I have sales and offer NEW RELEASES early! Check it out.

As always, happy reading!!


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