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Happy October! A sneak peek of Covert Affairs just for YOU!

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It’s one of my favorite months – picking apples, drinking cider, decorating for Halloween. I love the cool crisp nights that give me more time to snuggle down and read.

Snuggling down with a hunky SEAL-turned-spy is the perfect treat for me. I hope you think so too, because I have one who’s definitely ready to take you undercover!

Covert Affairs, SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division, Book 4, releases Tuesday, October 11th! You can preorder at ALL retailers and be the first to read Ian and Vivi’s story. As I mentioned in a previous post, Vivi is right up there with Beatrice in this series for me of favorite female heroines. I couldn’t wait to get to my keyboard every day to see what was going on in her brain. She is based on an actual therapist for the CIA and Special Forces men and women, and I’m honored to have had the pleasure of meeting this heroic lady and hearing her stories.

Enjoy this sneak peek of Covert Affairs and preorder today

She can’t remember what happened that night in Berlin. He can’t forget it. 

Ian trailed Vivi out the door. Thunder rumbled in the distance. “Where are we going?”

She paused at the elevators, glancing around to be sure Beatrice and Rory were gone. Lowering her voice, she leaned in as she pushed the bottom button. “Can you get us out of here without them knowing?”

A challenge to be sure, but when had he ever backed down from one? “What are you up to?”

“I got myself into this mess, and I’m going to get myself out. We are dealing with highly sensitive information and people who won’t think twice about obliterating all of us if they realize I’m alive and still walking around. Our government believes I’m a traitor; proving I’m not is possibly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but if I play my cards right, I’ll be free. You’ll be free. And there won’t be any blowback on Beatrice or SFI. Will you help me?”

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open as he stared at his version of Sherlock Holmes. She was more like Irene Adler, the woman Holmes was obsessed with. “Did you just bat your lashes at me?”

She grinned cheekily. “Did it work? Are you wooed by my feminine wiles?”

Of course he was. He escorted her inside, then backed her against the wall. Smiling down into her eyes, he ran his hands up her sides. “If I remember correctly, I took a vow that I would be there for you, no matter what, for better or for worse.”

She trailed her fingers through his hair, her gaze landing on his lips. “Fair warning, things could get a lot worse.”

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