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I’m currently working on Covert Tactics, SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division, Book 5. This story features Rory and Amelia. Rory Tephra first appeared in Deadly Force, the third book in my SCVC Taskforce Series, as the assassin after the heroine. She and her hero became the managers of Shadow Force International, and she brought Rory along since he was a former SEAL, CIA operative, and all around decent guy under his gruff exterior.

In Deadly Force, Rory was gunned down and ended up partially paralyzed. Dr. Amelia Thorpe appeared in Covert Affairs as his physical therapist, and between her and psychologist, Vivi Montgomery, they figured out ways to get him back on his feet, him grumbling about it all the way. 🙂

In Covert Tactics, he’s come a long way from the night he was shot, but there’s plenty of lingering doubts in his head about his strength, stamina, and ability to protect Amelia when she is attacked and left temporarily disabled herself. Together, they must learn to lean on each other and discover what truly makes them strong.

I can’t wait to share more about the story in the coming months. Tentative release date is Tuesday, May 23rd. Mark your calendars! I’ll post here as soon as the preorder links are available.

Meanwhile, I’m outlining the next Grim story and releasing the next Nyx Halliwell book, Haunted Honeymoon, on Valentine’s Day. I’ve also started French lessons using Duolingo and I found a new Harry Potter game that I’m addicted to. Back in the day, I attended two years at a private Catholic college and had a nun for a French teacher. Sister Marjorie was tough as nails but I was practically fluent after those two years. Without anyone to practice with, however, I lost most all of that fluency. It’s fun to review what I still remember and refresh my brain on the words and phrases I’ve forgotten. On my bucket list is Italian, Romanian, Navajo, and Spanish.

Do you know any other languages?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with good stories,


P.S. In case you want to get to know Rory before Covert Tactics releases, check out Deadly Force!

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