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Do you read to escape?

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May is almost here. I can’t believe it. What happened to January?

How are you doing with your reading goals so far this year?

One of my favorite things about reading, ever since I was a child, is the ability to escape into a completely different world.

I’ve always been a voracious reader. Being super sensitive is a challenge in the real world, so I immerse myself in a different place and time when I read (and write.)

Stories have always been a refuge. A place where I didn’t have to pretend I was normal or hide my feelings. I imagined going on adventures with the characters.

Growing up, I was sick a lot, and reading was also medicine. Stories taught me as much as everyday life, and they often entertained me when I couldn’t do much outside of lying in bed.

Do you love to explore new worlds when you read? Do you use stories to escape from this one? Have you ever felt they were medicine for your mind, heart, and soul?

Comment and let me know!



Books in the Works (with tentative release dates if I know them)


  1. Grim Vows, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 6: with copyeditor; release to all retailers July 16, 2024
  2. Sweet Shadows, Kali Sweet UF Series, Book 5: 27,771 words; serialized story releasing on Ream this fall/wide to retailers in 2025
  3. Operation Heist, Super Agent Series, Book 8: redoing outline with more twists and turns; tentative release date January 2025
  4. Untitled Murder Mystery: 19,717 words; tentative release date 2025
  5. Not Dead Yet, Ghost Town UF Series: 8970 words; no release scheduled yet
  6. Undead Ever After, The Accidental Reaper Series, Book 7: still in planning stages; release date 2025


  1. Tricks and Treats, Witchy Candy Shop, Book 1: releases Wednesday
  2. Candy and Creeps, Witchy Candy Shop, Book 2: releases June 26, 2024
  3. Gum and Ghouls, Witchy Candy Shop, Book 3: 1526 words, releases 2025
  4. Phantoms Are Forever, Confessions of a Closet Medium, Book 9: 12,255 words; tentative release September 2024


Reader Community Subscriptions Update:

Super Agent Missions Read-Along – Episode 27, Everything is negotiable, releases this Saturday.

Kali Sweet Chronicles Read-Along – Episode 29, He was hungry, and I was about to become the meal, releases Sunday


New Release / Free Book

This month to celebrate the new Witchy Candy Shop series release of Tricks and Treats, I’m giving away the series starter for my first witchy cozy series, Sister Witches of Raven Falls. Grab your free copy of Of Potions and Portents here: https://books2read.com/u/m06p2V


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