In Too Reap, (A Slow Burn Vampire Romance) The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 3

All I wanted was a kiss…

Chasing grave robbers on New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly a dream come true. I’d much rather be at a swanky party kissing a certain—ahem—master vampire at the stroke of midnight. Since I’m on probation for violating more than a few grim codes of conduct, however, Death has me shivering with a bunch of corpses, instead. The dead call to me, wanting to be raised for a party of their own.

When I see a premonition about a friend’s unexpected demise, I discover it could be my fault—my necromancy abilities are trapping ghosts and causing all sorts of odd events, including giving me hallucinations.

It’s no hallucination, however, when my boss plants the Kiss of Death on me. Happy New Year! Can I save myself, my friends, and the trapped ghosts? Or am I in too reap?


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