Sweet Curse, Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, Book 4

Can Kali keep her band of supernaturals from falling under Archangel Michael’s sword?

Every blessing hides a curse. For me, Kali Sweet, being cursed is my normal state. My horrible flaw of loving humans has landed me a new job—one I don’t particularly like nor want as head of the Bridge Council, entrusted with keeping humans safe from supernaturals.

Lucky me, the job comes with perks—both Lucifer and his big brother Michael are gunning for me. My hand is being forced. Either I kill the King of Hell or Michael will kill everyone I love.

With my ragtag band of demons, vampires, and shifters, I’m about to go up against Heaven and Hell. Blessing or curse? In the end, all that matters is that I keep those I care about alive and safe, even if I’m the one who ends up at the mercy of Michael’s sword.

Books in the Kali Sweet Series include:

Revenge Is Sweet, Book 1

Sweet Chaos, Book 2

Sweet Soldier, Book 3

Sweet Curse, Book 4


Available in .mobi (for Kindle) & ePub (iPhone, iPad, Kobo, Nook) you will be emailed a link after purchase.



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