Deadly Rescue, SCVC Taskforce, Book 10

In this page-turning romantic suspense novella in the SCVC Taskforce Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans and International Bestselling Author Amy Manemann, Cooper Harris and Celina Davenport have their romantic weekend interrupted by an unexpected tragedy … and end up delivering a very special surprise to some dear friends.

Cooper Harris, sexy leader of the SCVC Taskforce, plans to enjoy a weekend getaway with his crime scene photographer wife, Celina Davenport, even if it is a training weekend. Taskforce member, Nelson Cruz, has brought his pregnant wife, Sophie, and she and Celina intend to catch up while spending quality time at the spa in between sessions.

When a car bomb goes off, injuring Nelson along with hundreds of other innocent people, Cooper vows to hunt down the culprit. With Celina by his side, they work tirelessly together to bring the terrorist to justice…and end up helping Nelson and Sophie welcome a couple of highly anticipated additions to the Taskforce family.


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