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This has been in the works for a while now – I considered doing Patreon, but this platform is for READERS only. It’s a way for me to deliver my stories PLUS all kinds of bonuses and share my worlds with you. In essence, I want to give you more value with every story I write for you!

What is Ream? Ream Stories is the best subscription platform for readers because it’s built by authors. A space where super fans can access exclusive content of your favorite authors and gain access to us and fellow fans.

The platform allows me to build that community around my STORIES and reward my readers with early access to them, along with extras such as deleted scenes, alternate endings, coupons for discounts to my online store, my backlist of over 80 novels, never before released stories, and perks like signed books and merchandise.

Ream is optimized for an incredible reader experience, so YOU, dear reader, are in charge and get to immerse yourself in my stories, characters, and even share your ideas with me for future plot lines and characters.

No ads, no scrolling distractions, only books, books, and more books! You can read, comment, and be a part of the story creation process, as well as learn trivia and behind-the-scenes information about your favorite characters.

I created this video that shows you what it looks like and lets you participate in me hitting the LAUNCH button. https://youtu.be/HUFTnHfZf-g 

I hope you’ll visit my page and let me know what you think. https://reamstories.com/mistyevans

THE FIRST SEVEN readers who sign up at ANY tier will receive a gift from me after three months of membership. You can chose from a beaded bookmark or keychain I will custom make for you with a cute grim reaper charm!

Why sign up now? You’ll get EARLY access to Grave Magic, The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 5! From Friday, June 23rd – Tuesday, July 4th, you’ll receive two chapters a day and get to read the entire novel a week BEFORE it’s official release at retailers on July 11th. (If you have already preordered directly from my store, I have released the book today, so you should receive it immediately.) PLUS, that FREE gift to the first seven FOUNDING members! Win-win!

Sign up for a month and see what you think. Try it out. You can cancel at anytime (remember, you must be a member for three months to receive the sign up bookmark/keychain).

You all have my undying appreciation. I write for YOU. I want to keep writing for you. This platform gives me a way to make your reader experience so much more vaulable and for us to grow our community based on stories and friendship.

Here’s the link againhttps://reamstories.com/mistyevans

Forever a storyteller,

Misty  💜

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