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Hello dear reader,

Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews of Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Series, book 1!

I’m thrilled that so many of you took the leap into this new series with me. As an author who juggles multiple series and genres, pausing those to start a new one is always a risk. Thank you for joining me as I venture into this new one, it’s brought me so much creative joy.

Don’t worry, there’s more romantic suspense coming your way. You can check out the progress I’m making on all the upcoming stories and series on my home page.

For fans of Chloe, Killion, Ghost, and Death, you’ll get access to the exclusive FREE story in my newsletter going out this weekend, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already!

What also helps launch a new series and keeps readers happy is more books. So not only can you get the free short story, but there’s more of the gang coming!  Reaper’s Keepers, The Accidental Reaper Series Book 2, releases July 1st at all retailers, but if you order from my store, you can download and read Reaper’s Keepers today!

Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on Killin’ It – you’ll get into the mind of Killion in this one and see what he really thinks about the new grim he has to mentor! If you’re already on my subscriber list, first of all thank you, and secondly, be sure to watch for the newsletter going out this weekend.

Happy reading!

Misty 💜

2 thoughts on “A FREE newsletter exclusive story”

  1. Hey Misty I love your books! I was wondering what the title of Savanna sister, Parker book Title is or am I ahead of myself . Does Parker have a book out? Thank you for your indulgence. Misty Rules.

    1. Thanks, Kiki!! Great to hear from you. Parker and Henley will get a book this fall (or maybe 2024). It’s tentatively titled, Covert Lies. I’ve been stewing about their story for several years now and it’s time to write it. So after Covert Tactics (coming May 2023), I’ll be working on Parker!

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