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What place is on your bucket list?

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In Operation: Sleeping With the Enemy, there are a couple cameos with Conrad and Julia, the couple I started the Super Agent series with.
Writing Conrad’s character is ‘like butta’ for me. I can channel him SO easily, he would take over every book! I love his snark, his innate power, and his perspective. He sees the world with different eyes than most, and he is absolutely loyal to a fault when it comes to Julia.
(In real life, Michael Stone is more my kind of guy, but in the book boyfriend world? I’m a total Conrad girl.)
Julia is the quintessential smart, sexy woman who knows how to handle Con. I had to make her tough as nails and powerful, too, to keep him on his toes. When I was shopping the manuscript around to agents, one told me she was too assertive, another too much like wall paper. Haha. I think she’s just right 😉
In Operation Sheba, their story mentions their time in Paris as new spies, and in the Sleeping cameo, they talk about visiting again. I studied French in high school and college and always had Paris on my bucket list. I still hope to visit there some day, and I’m brushing up on the language, because even though I was fluent after being taught by a strict nun, I’ve lost almost all of that learning.
What place is on your bucket list? 
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