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What does a bear have to do with it?

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No matter how many times I plot a story, something unexpected shows up. This time, it’s a black bear.

While writing Covert Obsession (formerly titled Covert Lies), the next SEALs of Shadow Force story, I needed something to interfere with my hero and heroine getting help while stranded in a quarry in Colorado. Enter a bear (who you can help name – read on for details). Yep, I had to do some fast research on the types of bears in Colorado and figure out what role he’ll play beyond a jump scare for them. I can’t give away his background, but let’s just say, he knows how to use a massive paw to knock out a bad guy <wink>. I could not be more surprised that a bear showed up as an essential character in this story!

That story stands at 33,000 words and that’s the halfway mark. Woot! The plan is to finish it by mid-September. Release date in my store and here on Ream is this December; at retailers January 2024.

Wedding Bells & Psychic Spells, Confessions of a Closet Medium, Book 8 (Nyx Halliwell pen name) is back from the proofer and I’ll be formatting and uploading it this week to all outlets. You can get early access to it next month in my store (https://www.nyxhalliwell.com/product/wedding-bells-psychic-spells-confessions-of-a-closet-medium-book-8 ) and on Ream in my Charmed Tier https://reamstories.com/mistyevans

September will be a big month! I’m kicking off more benefits to my Ream subscribers. Along with getting a new GrimVerse episode 2x a month, I’m starting Fatal Fridays, Super Agent Saturdays, and Sweet Sundays for ALL paid tiers!

On Fridays for the next few months, I’ll release chapters of Fatal Truth, SEALs of Shadow Force, Book 1. On Saturdays, I’ll release chapters of Operation Sheba, Super Agent Series, Book 1, and on Sundays, I’ll release chapters of Revenge Is Sweet, Kali Sweet Series, Book 1. That’s three free books to all of my paid subscribers, and between these and Wedding Bells, you’ll have romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal cozy mysteries to read.

I can’t wait to share more stories with you. I’m working on episodes for The Kali Sweet Chronicles to release this fall, as well as a few surprise stories.

I hope you have a great week and I’d love to hear your suggestions for the bear’s name! If I choose your submission, I’ll mention you in the acknowledgments of the book and send you a free ecopy. Just leave a comment or email mistyevnasbooks@gmail.com. Good luck!


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