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Editing and MiniEditor – Accidental Reaper Series

It’s a big week! My shipment of print copies of Grim & Bare It, Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 1, arrived Sunday and they’re so pretty. The book is now up for preorder at ALL RETAILERS.

When I opened that box and saw those copies, it hit me all over again. I’m so happy to be writing urban fantasy. SO happy. 

Reaper’s Keepers, Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 2, is with my beta readers. I have endless gratitude to this great group of people, including my editors, who help me take my stories to a more entertaining level. I couldn’t tell my stories nearly as well without their keen insight and generous compliments. Being a storyteller and putting your books out there requires bravery, determination, and a bit of mettle. No one enjoys being criticized, BUT if you have amazing beta readers, critique partners, editors, and reviewers who love what you write and offer constructive feedback to make it even better, you’ve struck gold.

In Too Reap, book 3, is in what I call deep edits. This part is all me, adding layers to the draft and making the characters come to life with snappy dialogue and mounting action. Mini-editor, Princess Zoey, is snuggled up with me as I work. In a week or so, we’ll email it to my content editor. Zoey has plenty to say about the animals in the story, let me tell you.

Normally, I don’t enjoy the editing process. The writing of the draft is where my heart sings. With these stories, it’s different. I can’t wait to get to the keyboard every day. In my mind, I’m writing for YOU, dear reader. I want to make you laugh, cry, sigh, and feel amazing when you finish each story. I imagine my characters gathered around my workspace, along with Princess Zoey, giving me feedback to do just that—create a world for you to escape into and never want to come back from!

I know many of you are romantic suspense fans, and I promise I’m working on a trilogy to be released late this year or early next year. There’s a BIG secret behind these books and I can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, take a chance and give The Accidental Reaper Series a try, especially if you’ve read and enjoyed my other UF books, like the Kali Sweet Series. There’s plenty of action and a slow-burn romance that’s guaranteed to get you hot and bothered under the collar.

The countdown is on—if you order Grim & Bare It on my direct buy site, you’ll get the book a FULL MONTH EARLY on May 1st, ahead of the retailers. Hurry and be the first to read it!


Happy reading,

Misty & MiniEditor

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PREORDER Grim & Bare It!

My baby is live! I’m so excited that Grim & Bare It, The Accidental Reaper Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series, Book 1 IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER EVERYWHERE!

When college student Chloe Frost accidentally kills a grim reaper, she must step into his ropes, take up his scythe, and harvest souls, all while juggling two jobs, handling a moody vampire assigned to be her partner, and attempting to resuscitate her dead love life.

A humorous paranormal urban fantasy series starring a grim reaper and a vampire!

★★★★★ “OMG I loved this book! The whole book flowed so well. I adored ALL of the characters. Chloe and Killion’s chemistry is absolutely wonderful.” ~ Reader review

★★★★★ “Sexy vampire for the win!” ~ Reader review

★★★★★ “…engaging, funny and adventurous, I loved it.” ~ Goodreads review

No good deed goes unpunished….

My plan for a quiet night at home is dashed when, during the rescue of my landlady’s runaway cat, a serial killer — nicknamed the Grim Reaper by the media — decides I’m his next victim.

It’s a fight to the death, and despite being a gold-medal klutz, I somehow manage to turn the tables on him and end his life instead. Imagine my shock when I discover he actually was a grim.

His robes have now chosen me to take his place, and I’m contractually obligated to the Soul Management Group for a full year. Yep, three hundred and sixty-five days until I’m free from these disgusting robes and a death blade with a mind of its own — it wants to kill everyone.

Worse, my new boss, Death, has paired me with the local master vampire to investigate a rogue reaper. Our assignment will take us into the evil underbelly of the supernatural world, and neither of us may make it out alive.

What’s a girl to do? Guess I’ll have to grim and bare it…

Preorder now to enjoy this supernatural world of vampires, grim reapers, witches, shifters, and Death.

Yep, Death with a capital D. 😉

Direct Buy (Read it MAY 1st!):

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I can’t wait for you all to meet Chloe, Killion, & Death! From now through May, anyone who has preordered on my DIRECT BUY SITE will be eligible to WIN a prize pack from me. Stay tuned for details!

Happy reading,

Misty 💜

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