Misty Evans


Operation Contraband, Super Agent Romantic Suspense Series, Book 6

Married spies, an uncover mission, holiday surprises, and romance! For fans of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Can the two super agents pull off a Christmas miracle and deliver their contraband safely to America? Or will their final mission end in a hail of bullets and bloodshed?

Codename Solomon:

Conrad Flynn is on a top secret mission. One so secret, even his wife, Julia, doesn’t know about it. And when she finds out, the Cuban government isn’t going to be the only one coming after his head.

Codename Sheba:

All Julia wants for Christmas is a massage. Simple, right? Especially when you get to spend Christmas in the Caribbean at a lush resort. But simple isn’t in the cards when you’re married to a spy who never takes a holiday.

The Mission:

Cuba’s latest biological weapon is pointed at the United States. Conrad’s directive is to steal the country’s leading virologist—a man with the antidote— right out from under their communist noses. When the virologist insists he won’t defect without his pregnant girlfriend, Con has no choice but to ask Julia for help.

Don’t miss the fun with Con and Julia as they try to outsmart their enemies—and each other—in this nail-biting holiday tale! Appearances by Smitty, Anya, Zara, Lawson, Ace, Cari, Michael, and Brigit, and a surprising revelation as well!

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