SCVC Taskforce Series

SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series

USA TODAY bestseller!!

Cooper must risk his career – and his heart – to keep Celina alive. But will their past, with its forbidden passions and impulsive choices, put them directly in the killer’s crosshairs?

Book 2 in USA TODAY bestselling author Misty Evans thrilling romantic suspense series about the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce! 

Can Thomas and Ronni learn to trust each other while deceiving the enemy? Or will their cunning foe lure them into a dark and deadly trap?

The third installment in the USA TODAY bestselling Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce romantic suspense series.

When a deadly scandal threatens the nation, they’ll have one chance to save the day…and one last chance at love.

If you love thrillers and second chance love stories, don’t miss this action-packed read, the fourth novel in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series, by USA TODAY bestselling author Misty Evans!

Can Nelson keep Sophie alive and out of prison? Or will their careers, as well as their hearts, go up in the flames of desire?

For fans of the SCVC Taskforce series!

 What have Cooper and Celina been up to? Find out in this fifth story that finds the couple in the middle of murder, mystery, and secrets that could kill. (This is a short story, easy to read in an afternoon!)

A wildfire out of control & a killer on the loose spell danger for Mitch & Emma in the sixth action-packed adventure in the Taskforce series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans!

Trapped at the ranch by the wildfire, Mitch and Emma explore a searing attraction, but soon discover they’re not alone. A killer has joined them—one who will do anything to get revenge and isn’t afraid to take out anyone who gets in his way.

Secrets can get you killed in this latest riveting release in the SCVC Taskforce romantic suspense series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Misty Evans.

He killed her best friend when they were only girls…but she got away. Now he’s hunting her again.

Babies! Christmas! Romance! Don’t miss the 8th story in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense series, featuring Cooper and Celina and their new baby girl!!

Good Catholic girls stay out of trouble, but when your father is a hitman for the mafia, trouble comes looking for you. Worlds collide in this mob romance, the ninth book in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans.

In this page-turning romantic suspense novella in the SCVC Taskforce Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans, Cooper Harris and Celina Davenport have their romantic weekend interrupted by an unexpected tragedy … and end up delivering a very special surprise to some dear friends.

She’s on the run, and he’s tasked with bringing her in…dead or alive. Undercover FBI agent Samantha Rosenthal is on the run. A fugitive wanted for a terrorist act she didn’t commit, she has no idea who set her up, and the one person she still trusts is her ex, sexy Joseph Cahill. The problem? He’s the bounty hunter assigned to bring her in.
A one-night-stand leads to a betrayal that will rock their world. When Josie becomes the target of a high-end art theft ring, Caleb will have to do more than punch his way out of the danger. Secrets will come to life. Betrayal is a breath away. Who will survive?
He failed her once. He’ll never fail her again.
 Don’t miss the next heart-pounding thriller in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense series from USA Today bestselling author Misty Evans.

The clock is ticking; the mayor’s life is on the line. Can Malachi finally catch his man? Or will he end up losing Mia once again to the one who got away?

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Undercover missions, forbidden passions. Don’t miss the SCVC TASKFORCE SERIES!

Includes the first three full-length novels for one low price!

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**The first four complete novels in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series!

The journey with the sexy agents of the SCVC Taskforce continues with the birth of Cooper and Celina’s child, as well as more exciting adventures! 
Binge your heart out! This special boxed collection includes TEN fast paced, action-packed romantic suspense novels filled with alpha males, strong women, and sizzling romance. HEAs guaranteed!  **Please note this special collection is NOT available on Amazon due to price restrictions.
This special boxed collection includes the three action-packed romantic suspense novels involving the Bondsman Brothers, Joe, Caleb, and Malachi, and the sizzling romance you expect from the SCVC Taskforce series. HEAs guaranteed!
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