1st Shock, Schock Sisters Mystery Series, Book 1

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Two very different sisters. One killer team.

Meet Meg and Charlie Schock, two sisters who run Schock Investigations, specializing in missing persons and cold cases. Their claim to fame is taking on the cases law enforcement has failed to solve, often risking their own lives in the process.

“A briskly paced, chilling thriller with superbly developed characters.” ~ Reader review

Elite forensic sculptor Meg Schock is obsessed with solving cold cases and bringing justice to victims. When the local US attorney brings her the skull of a young murdered woman with similarities to one she’s already reconstructed—but not identified—she and her sister, Charlie, dive head-first into a chilling investigation.

The twisted killer is clever, drawing closer and closer when he discovers the sisters on his trail. Another body turns up…and another… but his modis operandi points to a convicted murderer already behind bars. Together, Meg and Charlie must face the fact this copycat is taunting them, leading them on a gruesome quest. He’s picked up where his mentor left off—and he’s coming for one of them next.


**RELEASING SEPTEMBER 17th! Preorder now and save $1!!

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