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Happy November, beautiful readers!

I’m delighted to tell you about a HUGE sale I have going on this week. Earlier this year, I added spies to the SEALs of Shadow Force gang, giving them a trilogy spin-off. Many of you loved seeing your favorites, like Beatrice, back for more adventures in these stories, as well as meeting the newest SEAL members of the team.

This week, the SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division Box Set is only 99¢!! You save 80%!! It’s hit the top 100 books on all retailers, earning the bestseller badge on Amazon AND Barnes & Noble. Readers are loving it, and if you haven’t read them yet, now’s the time to grab all three books and binge!

What readers are saying:
★★★★★ “…the perfect mix of romance and suspense…” ~ Reader review
★★★★★ “Evans writes spies so incredibly well.” ~ Reader review
★★★★★ “…smart, savvy and deadly.” ~Cricket, Goodreads review
★★★★★ “…totally hot!” ~ Margaret, Goodreads reviewer

Get your copy now (and it makes a great gift so buy an extra to share):

★ Amazon
★ Apple Books
★ Nook
★ Kobo

If you haven’t read the SEALs of Shadow Force, the first book, FATAL TRUTH, is FREE at all retailers too!!!!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!!

The SEALs of Shadow Force have added spies to their ranks! Meet the men and women that make up the Spy Division and go undercover with them on dangerous international missions full of espionage, intrigue, and of course, sizzling romance.

Under the supervision of Beatrice Reese, the former SEALs, spies, and tech experts risk their lives every day against terrorists, crime lords, and serial killers. Along the way, they fight to protect the ones they love and gain their happily-ever-afters.

This special boxed collection includes the fast paced, action-packed romantic suspense novels, Man Hunt, Man Killer, & Man Down – filled with alpha males, strong heroines, and sexy romance. This collection will keep you reading late into the night, enthralled from beginning to end!

About the series:
Shadow Force International: A group of former SEALs, abandoned by the United States and labeled as rogue operatives, now work as a black ops team performing private intelligence, security, and paramilitary missions for those who have nowhere else to turn. Some of them find romance along the way and lose their hearts protecting those they love at all costs.

Books in SEALs of Shadow Force, Spy Division:
Man Hunt – Ryker and Mia
Man Killer – Mick and Cassandra
Man Down – Aidan and Bree

Books in the SEALs of Shadow Force Series:

Fatal Truth – Trace and Savanna
Fatal Honor – Miles and Charlotte
Fatal Courage – Jax and Ruby
Fatal Love – Cal and Beatrice; Connor and Sabrina
Fatal Vision – Colton and Shelby; Connor and Sabrina
Fatal Thrill – Jon and Jaya
Risk – Noah and Jena

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New release for September! And, I’m in Facebook jail… 😲

Hello beautiful readers! Are you ready for fall reading? I’m excited to tell you about the new Schock Sisters Mystery series, the first of which releases this month!

But first… some not so great news. I’m in Facebook jail.

Facebook has disabled my Misty Evans Author page, stating I’ve violated ad policy. It’s happening to many authors, unfortunately. Since I had NO ads running at the time they did this, I figured it was a goof and I’d be able to appeal and have my account reinstated. They sent me an email, telling me it was their mistake, sorry for the inconvenience, and got me back up and running.

However, within 24 hours, they not only disabled my Misty Evans Author Page again, they shut down my business account entirely and the ability to do anything from my personal page as well! So ALL of my pages and groups are disabled to me, including both author pages, and my holistic health biz.

I can’t post in any of my groups although at times, I can like and comment (not always). If I use my phone or tablet, I can sometimes get a post through to my author page via Instagram, and my assistant can as well.

Again, not always, and I suspect at some point, FB may disable that feature too. 🙁 I’ve been able to post ONE thing to my personal timeline. That’s it.

I can sometimes get messages through. Please note that if you send me a direct message, I may or may not be able to reply. Please email me instead at .

I’ve appealed numerous times in the past two weeks and been told I can no longer appeal, the decision is final. I’m hopeful that if I wait a week or so, I can contact someone with actual power and not the party-line “can’t help you bc your account is disabled” reply. They will not tell me which ad violated their policy, and since I’ve been running ads for years and never had this, I’m at a loss.

Going forward, I just want to say that I love my fans and I’ll continue to work on getting my account enabled so we can keep interacting on Facebook. For now, you can chat with me via email, here on the blog, through my newsletter, BookBub, and on Instagram and Twitter. Both Amazon and Goodreads have feeds to the blog too.

Now for the GOOD NEWS!!

1st Shock, Schock Sisters Mystery Series, Book 1 releases here on my direct buy site on September 17th AND you SAVE a dollar off the retail price. Then it will move to Kindle Unlimited on the 27th. If you read on Nook, Kobo, or Apple Books, you’ll need to purchase the ePub here on the direct buy site BEFORE September 25th, since it will be taken down in order for Adrienne and I to move it into KU.

October 15th, 2nd Strike, Schock Sisters Mystery Series, Book 2, releases (same setup, you can get it here first in ePub or mobi for a dollar cheaper!) and then it will move into KU on the 24th.

November 19th will be Third Tango, Schock Sisters Mystery Series, Book 3, releasing here first and then moving into KU.

For my pen name, Nyx Halliwell, I ALSO have three more releases this year—September, October, November! Hop over to my Nyx website to learn all about those paranormal cozy mysteries featuring small-town amateur sleuths, magic, and talking cats!

Thank you SO much for your support through the years! It’s very troubling to me about the Facebook problem, but some things are out of my control. Please connect with me here, or through the other platforms listed above.

Love and light to all! Happy reading,